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Expert Review of the book 'Conncept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics : Superconductors & Related Achievements'

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Experts' Review about the book, ‘Concept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics’

The Editor of Professional Journal Experiments in Education (P 17, Nov 2002) commends the author's work by saying

In this handy book the author has sought to trace and structure pioneering developments in the domain of superconductors and related areas through the technique of Concept Mapping. The book is an innovative attempt to apply a well-developed and received technique of empirical epistemology to structure what must prima facie be an amorphous field because she is exploring nebulous frontier areas.

The author's perspective definitely contributes to clarifying such a field. She deserves to be commended because she is building on the expertise she has acquired through the work she did for her doctoral thesis.

 Dr.Arun Nigavekar, Chairman, University Grants Commission, India  says,

‘I have found the book very interesting. I was very happy the manner in which you have developed models on Superconductors & Related Achievements. The book is written in a very simple manner and it should develop conceptual clarity for those who are interested in the field of superconductors. I wish to congratulate you for bringing out such a wonderful support material.’

Prof.A.N.Maheswari, Chairperson of National Council for Teacher Education, India says,

 ‘I appreciate that what you have attempted is not only unusual but a difficult task. For illustrating the approach of Concept Mapping, you have selected a phenomenon in Physics, which has been studied both experimentally and theoretically for nearly 100 years. Hence the Concept Maps may be of help to those who understand the field as markers of development of concepts as this area of physics developed.  Your work is worthy of admiration and will be of use to teachers in planning learning strategies.