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Excerpts from eBook 'Concept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics : Superconductors & Related Achievements'

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Excerpts from the book Concept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics’


Education is said to be imparted if one acquires knowledge and applies the knowledge in appropriate fields to improve living conditions of human life. Hence the author in her book titledSuperconductors and Related Achievements : Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics through Concept Mapping  explains the various concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics related toSuperconductors through Concept Mapping a strategy that enhances meaningful learning.

The following excerpts from the book illustrate the significance of Concept Mapping and why it promotes meaningful learning.

The Concept Map is a device for representing the conceptual structures of a subject discipline in a two dimensional form. Concept Maps organize knowledge into a hierarchical structure in which subordinate concepts are subsumed under superordinate concepts. Rote learning would be a series of propositions that are memorized, but not related to each other. With mapping, new concepts and propositions are connected into a whole existing relevant framework. Therefore, a Concept Map may be defined as a schematic device for representing a set of meanings embedded in a framework of propositions which enhances meaningful learning.

The book introduces many important concepts like Superconductors, Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics, Cooper Pairs, Tunnelling Effect,  Superfluid,  High Temperature Superconductor, Quantum Fluids, Optical Molasses, Magneto Optical Trap,   Optical Lattice, Formation of Dark State, Super Atom, Bose Einstein Condensation

The following excerpts from the book illustrate the powerful way of conveying the message using Concept Maps.

Quantum Fluids

Classical physics cannot explain superfluidity occurring in liquid helium when temperature approaches absolute zero (-273.150 C), since atoms lose their randomness and move in co-ordinated manner in each movement. This behaviour would cause liquid to lack all inner friction. Hence it would make liquid to over flow a cup, flow through very small holes and exhibit non-classical effects. Hence the behaviour of superfluidity can be explained on the basis of quantum mechanics.

Another excerpt from the book illustrates the concept of Super Atom.

 Particles of micro cosmos governed by Quantum Mechanics move slowly at low temperature due to kinetic theory of gases. These particles have wave nature of matter and for dense gas of cold atoms, the wavelength is of the order of distance between atoms. At this stage the atoms can sense one another, co-ordinate leading to coherent matter as in the case of laser.

The coordination of atoms (cold atoms) with one another led to the formation of Super Atom as the whole complex is described by single wave as in single atom.

Hence the author has written the book hoping it might prompt any research scholar to probe further and develop applications in Physics which may be beneficial to mankind orutilize the Concept Mapping strategy to express various concepts in Science (physics) or any subject to enhance meaningful learning. Hence the author has presented the ebook with the dual purpose of encouraging research in Physics as well as in Education.