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Author of 'Concept Mapping 4 Concepts of Nobel Prize in Physics'

 The author Dr.G.Kumuda, is a Learning Consultant, has done her Ph.D. in Education specializing learning strategies,  with her master's degree in Physics. She is a Social Media Technologist and act asElearning / business consultant to various organizations. Recently she is selected as DMSC Governor's Challenge SP 09 Judge organized by Tennessee State University where 15 US Universities are participating.  

Prior to becoming Independent Consultant, the author served as Chief Learning Officer for Alpha Group of Institutions ( She has more than 2 decades of experience in the field of Education as she held various senior level positions in ELearning Companies and at Academic Institutions.

1. She is the I Prize Winner of BOLT Award (Broad Outlook Learner Teacher) organized by Air India, (12 May 2003) and hence undertook Ambassadorial Trip to Singapore during Sept. 2003.

2. She has won International Recognition in C.A.I (Computer Assisted Instruction) as she has presented her paper ' Principle of Laser through Flash : A Multimedia Software ' in the 14thInternational Conference organized by SITE (Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education) at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA during March 2003. She is also asked to chair International Conference organized by ED-Media, USA in Canada during 2005.

3. She has an excellent training in Computer Applications as the entire graphics for the book is done by her.

4. She secured the I Rank in M.Phil Education and was awarded the Gold Medal there for it.

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